Curtis Development Sp. z o.o. Plastics Processing Factory was established in July 1992. The company is located in Krzywonoś, near Mława, 130 kilometers north of Warsaw.

Major activity is plastics processing:

  • conventional injection molding of the resins, such as: HIPS, PC, ABS, PC-ABS, PP, PE, and others,
  • gas injection technology (GIT – nitrogen N2),
  • Heat & Cool technology (RICH – Rapid Injection Cooling Heating, H-Mold) – all the technologies allow for obtaining high gloss products– so called „piano plastic”.
  • IML (In-Mold Labeling) – method of labeling products in the mold (possible for the use on individual basis).

Moreover, we offer:

  • water-based painting while upholding customers requirements as well as meeting environmental protection demands,
  • assembling and sub-assembling components,
  • multicoloured printing (pad printing, screen printing).

Our company is a renowned and leading manufacturer of technologically advanced plastic products for TV industry on the Polish market. We produce among others LCD TV and Plasma TV cabinets, or TV monitors for numerous global companies.

CURTIS most of all, reflects business ideals of Zbigniew Niemczycki, the company’s President.

He initiated his business activity with the import of the Japanese TV sets OTAKE. Within a short period of time, in 1991 he opened TV sets producing factory in Mława. Soon after, in 1992 the Plastics Processing Factory in Krzywonoś, near Mława was established. The principle goal of Curtis Electronics was production of cheap TV sets, reflecting international high quality standards.

Position achieved by CURTIS on the map of worldwide TV producers due to the quality of manufactured goods, turned the company into an interesting partner for international leading suppliers of technology and electronic componentry, such as e.g. MOTOROLA.

In 1992 CURTIS ELECTRONICS began cooperating with GOLDSTAR (currently LG Electronics) and production of TV sets & TV cabinets for the above mentioned company started in 1997. On March 1st 1999 Zbigniew Niemczycki sold his company in Mława to LG:

"It was a very difficult decision, however the only reasonable one. Otherwise, the company capable of manufacturing 250 000 TV per annum, would have to stop the production due to growing competition and overwhelming globalization".

Even though the factory in Mława was sold, Curtis did not finish its business activity. Zbigniew Niemczycki remained the owner of the Plastics Processing Factory in Krzywonoś, which has become one of the main suppliers of plastic cabinets and components for TV sets.

Curtis Development Sp. z o.o. is a part of Curtis Group (

The principle goal of Plastics Processing Factory in Krzywonoś is a long-term development of its economical and market position.

Facing up the increasing needs of not only current but also our future customers, we take up series of active and coordinated actions to meet their expectations and quality requirements. Due to incontestable assets such as highly qualified and engaged staff, well developed infrastructure, productive capacity we may soon become a renowned plastic products supplier in various sectors of industry.